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Observation & Instruction

Observation & Instructions given by Addl. Chief Secretary during his field visit of Kamrup -2/2009-10 (Maloibari) IWMP on 24/12/2015

Team members of the field visit

  1. Mr. Rajib Bora, IAS, Addl. Chief Secretary,Govt.of Assam, Soil Conservation Deptt. Assam & Chairman, SLNA, IWMP, Assam.
  2. Mr. S.Choudhary, Director Soil Conservation Deptt. Assam & CEO, SLNA, IWMP, Assam.
  3. Mr. S.C Patra., Senior Consultant, SLNA, IWMP Assam
  4. Mr. P.Dutta, Project Manager, WCDC,IWMP, Kamrup(M) cum D.S.C.O, South Bank Soil Conservation Division, Ghy-05
  5. Mr. N.Z. Ahmed, WDT leader Kamrup -2/2009-10 (Maloibari) IWMP, Range Officer, Sonapur, S.C Range
  6. Mr. G.Kalita, , WDT leader Kamrup -1/2009-10 (Amsing)IWMP & S.C.O. O/o Jt. Director (R.V.P), Ghy-05

During the field visit the Addl. Chief Secretary cum Chairman, SLNA along with other team member visited one RCC Water Harvesting Structure with Drainage Channel & met the President & Secretary of the MWS under Maloibari, IWMP and other beneficiaries. After interaction with them the Addl. Chief Secretary suggested the following improvement in the watershed area,

  • To provide a foot bridge over the existing stream near the existing RCC Water Harvesting Structure at Helagog gaon.
  • Brick lining / Boulder guard wall work along the Salna Dong at Golap gaon near the culvert to be provided.
  • Jalikhara Beel area to be improved in phase wise by desiltation.
  • Cluster Resource centre is to be constructed for multipurpose activities such as training, meeting, picnic purpose etc. at Tegheria.
  • Benefited area, No. of beneficiaries as well as Cost benefit ratio to be evaluated regularly for the NRM works.
  • Every pages of Cash Book of MWS Committee should be signed both by Watershed Development Team (WDT) Leader and MWS Secretary.
  • Details of the receipt and expenditure to be shown clearly at the Cash Book.
  • All records of MWS level to be kept properly at MWS office as well as at WDT Leader’s office.
  • PIA (Project Implementing Agency) should submit the Utilization Certificate regularly.
  • Seal of the President and Secretary should be separate.
  • Passbook of MWS should be updated in every month.
  • If there are any liabilities regarding Livelihood Activities and Production System before the last review meeting held with the Hon’ble Minister, Soil Conservation Department, Assam; the are to be completed as early as possible; but no new Livelihood Activities and Production System should be taken up at MWS.
  • Work Plan to be prepared for every scheme of the project in detail.
  • The Chairman instructed the Project Manager to transfer the fund of the project under the head of Watershed Development Work (NRM) to MWS so that the works can be completed before 15th of January’2015. But in case of Kamrup -2/2009-10 (Maloibari)IWMP, as the Range Officer cum WDT leader is under the process of promotion, therefore in order to complete the NRM works urgently the WDT Leader of Maloibari IWMP should be replaced by another responsible officer of the Division immediately.
  • The Chairman thanked all the President, Secretaries & members of the MWS present in the meeting for their active co-operation his visit to the watershed area.

Director Soil Conservation Deptt. Assam &

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