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Government Of Assam Soil Conservation Directorate of Soil Conservation

Functions and Objectives


1. Preparation of Budget

2. Recruitment of Officers and Staff of the Department.

3. Arranging Funds from different sources under relevant Programs.

4. Organizing DFC meeting

5. Establishing co-ordination with different department and institutions

6. Finalizing development activities to be taken up by the department viz. Gully Control Project, Water Harvesting & Distribution Project, Land Development Project, Land Reclamation Project, Riverine Protection Works, Afforestation, Nature Conservation, Wetland Development Project, Watershed Development Project etc.

7. Preparation of Annual Financial Statement 8. Organizing Review Meeting

9. Monitoring of departmental activities up to field level

10. Organizing DPC meeting

11. Transfer & posting and Promotion of Gazetted officer under Soil Conservation Deptt.

12. Imparting training to field staff and deputing Officers for relevant training programs

13. Meeting up of grievances received from public & other agencies.

Objectives :

• To reduce all forms of soil erosion from Agricultural Land by Soil Moisture Conservation works.

• To increase agricultural productivity in sustained manner without deteriorating the soil health.

• To harvest surface runoff with water harvesting structures such as Farm Ponds, Check Dams, Nalla Bunds, and Percolation Tanks etc.

• To facilitate crop land with minor irrigation through brick /RCC Channels.

• To make difficult terrain like Hill slope fit for Agriculture Land with Bench Terracing.

• To restore ecological balance by augmenting, conserving & harnessing natural resources. 

• To minimize flood hazards in the valley bottom areas and farm lands by way of preventing silt deposition in the riverbed.

• To protect Agricultural Land from throwing of sand by the rivers during flood season.