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Government Of Assam Soil Conservation Directorate of Soil Conservation

Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF)


    Soil Conservation Department is engaged in most effective and gainful management of three vital interdependent natural resources mainly soil, water and vegetation by implementing various activities of land and water management on crop land on a sustained basis. The soil conservation Department is responsible for implementation of various schemes on soil and water conservation with the objective of generating income to rural people. This Soil Conservation Department has also taken up numbers of schemes related to control of shifting cultivation in the hill areas of the state by providing alternative practices like horticulture, cash crop development etc. to wean away jhumiyas from harmful practices of shifting cultivation.


    Assam plantation Crops Development Corporation Ltd. (APCDC Ltd.) was established in the year 1974 under the administrative control of Assam Soil Conservation Department. The main thrust of the APCDC Ltd. is to utilize the hill slopes which are otherwise unfit for any agricultural production by taking up plantation of sustainable cash crops like Coffee and Rubber etc. and to augment income of rural people by involving them in the plantation of such highly income generating cash crops.