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Site Inspection

  • Site Inspection comments:

    Date: 27.08.2015. Place: Golaghat S.C.Division, Dhansiri S.C.Range, Sarupathar

    A. Golaghat-3, Langthajan IWMP &
    B. Golaghat-2, Gelajan IWMP

    1. Masonry Stop Dam at Sonalipathar village, Sonalipathar MWS :

    The constructed check dam is serving the purpose of retaining water for surrounding paddy fields though the farmers had to extend the height of head wall by providing bamboo barrier on head wall. The design mentioned in the estimate copy is not adequate for a structure made of brick masonry instead of R.C.C. structure. Brick walls without reinforcement cannot withstand the same water pressure as R.C.C. walls of similar dimensions. For example – the proposed head wall with a height of 1.50m, length of 6.00m and thickness of 0.40m is not adequate to withstand the pressure of water for long period. The Side Walls shape is not maintained as per design. The earthworks around the structure was not completed. The head wall height is not maintained as per design. In the estimate Apron calculation is not included. The work was not finished complete

    2. Nalla Bund with Slab Culvert at Amguri No.1 village, Amguri MWS :

    The objective of the slab culvert as well as the Nalla Bund is fulfilled as it is allowing excess water to pass through it easily. The quality of the construction looks good. The work was not finished completely.

    3.Boulder Bank Pitching with Hume Pipe at Holowguri (Borhula), Borhula MWS :

    The size of the Hume pipe culvert looks less than required for the width of the drainage line, two rows of hume pipe would have been adequate . Boulder pitching is done without wire crate as mentioned in the estimate. The work was not finished completely.

    4. Road Side Plantation at Ambari village under Janatapathar MWS :

    The Plantation was done properly with Iron enclosures. Total of 57nos of plantation done.

    5. Excavated Pond at Ambari village under Janatapathar MWS :

    The pond was excavated as per as per estimate and will serve the purpose for the user group.

    6. Nalla Bund with Slab Culvert at Sonalinagar village, Gelajan MWS

    The R.C.C. part of the project was finished it was contributing to easy flow of excess water from the area. The earthwork part and the boulder pitching part were not finished. The earthwork part for Nalla Bund seems to be overlap with the excavation of drainage channel nearby.

    7. Agri Field Bund at Padumpukhuri village, Padumpukhuri MWS :

    The Agri field bund work was not finished. It was advised to complete the work by maintaining the side slope and the depth of filling.