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Government Of Assam Soil Conservation Directorate of Soil Conservation

Job Chart and Responsibilities


  1. Director of Soil Conservation, Assam: Director is the Head of Department. He is entrusted with the responsibilities of preparation and submission of Budget Estimate, according of Technical Sanction and overall Supervision of Departmental Schemes.
  2. AdditionalDirector of Soil Conservation: Additional Director is the Zonal Head of the Department. He is responsible for preparation and submission Budget and Estimates and according Technical sanction within the Zone and also responsible for overall Supervision of Zonal Departmental Schemes.
  3. Joint Director of Soil Conservation:Joint Director (HQ) is attached with the Director in the Head Quarter and is responsible for Administration and other works of the Directorate and also help Director in other Administrative Work from time to time. The Joint Director of Soil Conservation under Lower Assam Circle works as functionary and Supervisory Officer of the division situated in the Lower Assam. And the Joint Director of Soil Conservation under River Valley Project is also responsible various works under River Valley Project.
  4. Planning Officer: Planning Officer is a attached Officer with the Director and Additional Director Office. They are generally entrusted with the preparation of budget and all works under planning.
  5. Divisional Soil Conservation Officer:The Divisional Soil Conservation Officer is the head of the division. He is responsible for preparation and submission of Plan and Estimate, implementation of the Schemes within his jurisdiction and submission of cash account to the Director.
  6. Assistant Soil Conservation Officer:Generally attached Officer. In the Directorate. One ASCO has to look after the statistical matter and the other has to assist the Director in other activities. In divisions, ASCOs are attached to the Divisional Officers and help him to run the division for various activities like subversion, preparation of Plan and Estimates, submission of reports etc
  7. Finance & Accounts Officer: He is a deputed Officer from finance department, who is responsible to give advice to the Director on financial and audit matter.
  8. Soil Conservation Ranger: Soil Conservation Rangers are the in-charge of range under division and are directly responsible for execution of various Soil Conservation activities in their range jurisdiction. He also prepares Plan and Estimates of various Schemes and submit monthly cash account to the divisional Officers and supervises all field works under his range.
  9. Soil Conservation Overseer: Soil Conservation Overseers are technical person, who is responsible for preparation and checking of plan and estimates, surveying, supervision of Soil Conservation activities and recording of MB.
  10. Soil Conservation Demonstrator (Sr.): Soil Conservation Demonstrators (Sr.) are executive staff, who assists range Officers for various field works and survey works.
  11. Soil Conservation Demonstrator (Jr.): Soil Conservation Demonstrators (Jr.) are executive staff,who helps the range Officers in execution of various works and in surveying.
  12. Draftsman: They are generally engaged for drawing of Maps and helps the Overseers in surveying
  13. Surveyor:Surveyors are entrusted for surveying of various projects under the Department.
  14. Soil Conservation Field Worker: Soil Conservation Field Worker are executive staff, posted for assisting range Officers in various field works.
  15. Soil Conservation Mali:Lowest level of executive Officer staff, who are generally engaged with plantation and Afforestation.