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Government Of Assam Soil Conservation Directorate of Soil Conservation

Land Development

Land Development Works :Land Development works are mainly earthen works for development of land to make it suitable for cultivation on a sustained basis. Under this earthen bund, drainage channel, land leveling, contour bunding, terracing etc. are covered in the cropland or wasteland for sustainable agricultural development. Following types of land development works are done.

  1. Field bunding & contour bunding : These are bunds made of earth fill. A series of bunds of suitable height and top & bottom width are constructed across the slope at suitable intervals which checks flow of runoff and aids in conservation of water within the land area under bunding. This gives increased production from the cultivated lands. 
  2. Bench terracing : When land slope is more,bunding is not effective for checking erosion. In such cases benches are made by half-cut half fill of the top soil across the slope of the land.