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Government Of Assam Soil Conservation Directorate of Soil Conservation


Soil Conservation Department has also been implementing Basistha Bahini Biodiversity Conservation project under NEC project since 2009-10. Out of total project cost of Rs.496.76 lakh, a total of Rs.352.00 lakh has already been spent.

Physical progress: 100%

Type of works:

1. Vegetative Barriers:

*Vegetative Barriers:1500 Rm

Avenue Plantation: 3350 Nos

NatureConservation:1420 Nos

Protective Afforestation:58 Ha

Farm Forestry-20 ha

2. Mechanical Measures:

*Water harvesting-2 Nos(8086 cubic meters)

Treatment of water ways340 Rm

Loose Bouldercheck Dam: 2468(Cubic metrs)

Guard wall:800 Rm