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Government Of Assam Soil Conservation Directorate of Soil Conservation

Plantation Crop Development:

Plantation Crop Development:

i. Cash Crop Development: In hillock with moderate slope, cash crops like Rubber, Coffee are grown for soil conservation and optimum use of land on a sustained basis. In Assam, there is wide scope for developing Coffee and Rubber plantations. Soil Conservation Department is pioneer in introducing Coffee and Rubber in Assam. However after formation of Assam Plantation Crops Development Corporation, Soil Conservation Department has scaled down its activity in this field. Coffee and Rubber plantations have been established extensively by Soil Conservation Department as part of programs for settlement of Jhummias in hill districts of Karbi Anglong and N.C. Hills.  Tea also planted under Cash crop plantation.

ii.Afforestation: Protective Afforestation: All the riverine non agricultural land, degraded wasteland not suitable for raising agricultural crops are brought under plantation to provide permanent cover to the top soil.Mostly Sal, Teak, Gamari,Titasepa etc are covered under afforestation.

Major plantation usually taken under Soil Conservation Department is Bamboo Plantation and at the sandy bank of River Sissu and Khoira are planted.

iii. Medicinal plant: Generally medicinal plants like Amlakhi, Bhomora, Hilikha, Neem, Arjun, Amara etc. are planted mostly in the wasteland areas, public places like Schools, Colleges, Hospitals ,temples, mosques, Churches, Burial places from the Soil Conservation department.

iv. Horticultural plant: Horticultural plants Mango, Assam Lemon, Banana, Litchi, Orange, Coconut, Guava, Papaya, cashew nut, Black Pepper, Arecanut, Pineapple, Jackfruits are planted in the public places like Schools, Colleges, Hospitals ,temples, mosques, Churches, Burial places, at the private land of beneficiaries by the Soil Conservation department.

v. Avenue Plantation: To increase the Aesthatic view ornamental plants like Silver Oak, Thuja, Croton, Battle brush, Debdaru, flowering plants like Roses and seasonal plants are also are planted in the park, Schools, Colleges, Road side and in other public places.